Poetry Potion 12 – The Others


The theme was inspired by an Amiri Baraka quote.

“The torture of being the unseen object, and constantly observed subject.”

This edition features poems and essays that unpack the idea of the others. Who are the others? Who are the others in relation to me, who am I in relation to others? Some poems speak of and for 'The Others', some speak of the act of othering.


poets featured: Joe Albanese, Sisonkepapu, Judy Croome, Christine Coates, Celine Tshika, Refiloe Khumalo, Akinyinka Omoniyi, Jim Pascual Agustin, Rishan Singh, Gene, Megan Furniss, Olivia Pula, Kylin Lotter, Terrence Valashiya, SleepyPanda, Xe M. Sanchez, Keitumetsi Tlhako, NNCS, Mutle Mothibe