I am no different from other girls. When I hear a song I like, I always get up and say “this is my favourite song!” And that claim is not limited to just one song. When in a good mood, I sing in the shower, and I have no qualms about having my favourite drink before noon if the mood is right. And yes, I have danced shoulder to shoulder with a man and had him hold me tight against his chest and felt the temperature rise a little. I have done the worst that a girl can do under the influence, on the dance floor. Rihanna’s twerking and grinding has nothing on me. I have called all this dancing but it was not until I met Omar that I finally found my perfect rhythm. And it wasn’t on the dance floor! 

It was the early hours of the morning, and I was lying on my back. His chest was firmly placed on top of mine. It was intense but not uncomfortable. The rays of early morning sun through the window gave us just enough light to see each other. He whispered, “Dance for me, Mama”. I didn’t know what he meant but when I looked into his eyes I knew what I had to do. I slowly moved my hips in small circles. He kissed me paying close attention to my ears. I had met my match. I could no longer play it safe. This heart of mine, that I have kept safe for years, had finally betrayed me. It could no longer be trusted, was all I could think of afterwards. As if he knew what I was thinking, he kissed me and held me close. And as quickly as he held me, he let go of me.

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