Blue and red, fuchsia and pink swished around and about in the hall. The colourful ribbons were making a statement, one that says ‘I have no care in the world.’ They could up and go and settle at will as much as they wanted, wherever the wind took them. Only their aider and abettor, in this case, was the artificial air emitted by the air-conditioning system.

Falcon kept her gaze on the long shiny materials, getting cross-eyed from watching the display, wishing she could join in their freestyle performance. Her concentration was interrupted when Kenzo waltzed into the hall. His suit tailored stuck to his frame to perfection. He was the groom tomorrow, an old flame of hers who decided that their friendship wasn’t worth the definition of the word. Backing out of their high school graduation party at the last minute, literally, and leaving her to attend the event with her grumpy older brother, Lawrence, at the insistence of their dad. Falcon swore at the time never to have anything to do with him again, not that there was anything serious between them if the few stolen kisses they shared a number of times could qualify as unserious. Then three years later, their paths crossed again, this time in the university, and even though she had promised never to get involved with him ever again, she found herself falling for his boyish charms all over again. And history enjoyed the pleasure of repeating itself at her expense, although this time around, he had the decency to inform her he was in love with someone else. 

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