“You kiss like a frog!” For once Dlozi was grateful that she had to chop up onions for her mother’s stew. Tears streamed down her face as Lizwe’s horrible words crashed about in her mind. Stupid boy! She had put all her passion into that kiss. The kiss. TheirContinue Reading

What’s a summer holiday without ice cream, big hats, sunglasses, parties, a braai, the beach or adventure and a great book? What’s a summer holiday without shorts!? Well, we’re talking about short stories! Short short stories to entertain, regale, thrill, excite, startle, and tickle book lovers over the holidays. AreContinue Reading

reviewer: Paul Zisiwe*price: R100 Africa is at a critical point in its evolution as both a continent and the cradle of a collective human heritage. A medley of processes of transition that have extensive implications on the formation of a new consciousness espoused by many theorists who speculated about aContinue Reading

BLACK LETTER MEDIA TO PUBLISH SOUTH AFRICAN PRINT EDITION AND EBOOK OF VOICES FROM MY CLAN Johannesburg, South Africa 13 November 2012 – Black Letter Media is pleased to announce it’s latest title, Voices from My Clan, a collection of short stories first published in Nigeria. Black Letter Media hasContinue Reading