A great deal of sarcasm and a flair for exaggeration power Olubunmi Familoni’s Bloodofjesus, the story of a pastor-father and his worst fears about the evils of university life corrupting his only daughter. Told through the son of the house, Familoni scrutinises respectability politics in the Christian home, criminal conductContinue Reading

P Ochieng Ochieng’s Pastor-Malaya documents an unravelling relationship between the unlikeliest of couples, a pastor and prostitute, in ways that put faith at the centre of both their attraction to each other and, ultimately, inspires bad blood between them, threatening their relationship. Pastor-Malaya has been longlisted for The Short Story is Dead,Continue Reading

In Emperor Tiberius and the Tokoloshe, Damon Yeld builds on the myth of the tokoloshe by reinterpreting this sprite as a good friend and ally against foe. Beyond exposing the anthropomorphic qualities of tokoloshe, for Yeld the power of curiosity leaves the narrator in an empathic position than where heContinue Reading

Carey Baraka’s The Elizabethans We Lost revolves around a boyhood friendship forged in conflict – negotiating their school lives through mischief and licentious behaviour at a time when to be young seems innocent, for Baraka’s characters the business of being “funny” not only draws on humour but also exploits eccentricity and personal politics to enlivening ends. The Elizabethans We Lost hasContinue Reading

In Omo Omo Omo, Ope Adedeji’s inventive use of shadows as both a menacing real-life presence and metaphor for the marginalisation of African indigenous religions under Western colonisation leaves readers with a particularly captivating narrator who must reconcile her sexuality with her mother’s disapproval. Omo Omo Omo has been longlisted for The Short Story is Dead, Long Live the Short Story! (2018) What was the germination of your story?  I started to think of this story one dayContinue Reading

In Themesha Khan’s Un/Beloved, a husband’s love for his wife blinds her to the inevitable; it is only after a shocking discovery that she combs her old memories in search of that which she never took notice of, hoping her rosy past will help explain an unspeakable present. Un/Beloved has been longlisted for The Short Story is Dead, Long Live the Short Story! (2018) What wasContinue Reading

Hope is central to Okechi Okeke’s The Joy of Meeting a Helper: hope cultivated, deferred, salvaged, and ultimately denied, always with devastating consequences for the young women involved. With dreams of Europe, Okeke’s narrator survives one calamity after another til even the hope of escape from her captivity in aContinue Reading

In Peregrination, an isolated religious community defends its autonomy against government intrusions until at last the soldiers arrive with their rifles; it is in the wisdom and foresight of its narrator that this modern parable about religious devotion is neither an uncritical survey of the effects of faith on believersContinue Reading