After ten years of being online and three years in print, Poetry Potion is going through some exciting changes.

These changes are about us celebrating the years that have been, and setting up for more great years of discovering new poets, supporting the craft and celebrating poetry in a way that makes it accessible to everyone. We are giving the brand a makeover. We will so roll out the new look from print to digital. We’re excited about that.

Poetry Potion has been like a baby for its founding editor, duduzile zamantungwa mabaso. These first ten years were about creating an open platform for poetry lovers and poets to discover each other. However, as the company grows, zamantungwa is focusing on the television side of the business which includes writing, editing and storylining for some of South Africa’s top television show So she will step down from her position as Editor of Poetry Potion.

We are incredibly excited to announce the new editor of Poetry Potion is Richard Roodt, better known as Quaz.

Quaz is a poet, emcee, a performer and social activist who has been active as an organiser of poetry events, facilitator of creative writing workshops, a mentor and an integral member of the well-known collective Likwid Tongue. In 2016, he was listed in Independent Media’s 100 Young Independents. His poetry has been published and translated in numerous South African and international anthologies, journals, magazines and newspapers. He’s published his first collection of poetry The Orange Book Vol:2 and has four mixtapes, an EP.

Quaz came on board on the 3rd of July. We are looking forward to seeing Poetry Potion grow under his vision.

Quaz, welcome to the pride.

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